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CoEpi: Community Epidemiology in Action.

Together, we can slow the spread of transmissible diseases like COVID-19, colds, and the flu.


Contain, control, and eradicate contagious illnesses by connecting with your community.

CoEpi is a privacy-first system for anonymous Bluetooth-based contact tracing / exposure matching based on voluntary symptom sharing and/or confirmed COVID-19 test results. Communities of close contacts can begin protecting themselves with CoEpi immediately; there is no scale required to achieve benefit to closed user groups.

Collaborate. Inform. Protect.

CoEpi is designed to protect individuals by bridging the gap between governmental public health actions and individual attention to hygiene. We believe it is possible to combine modern smartphone technology and cloud computing to empower individuals and their personal networks to automatically and anonymously track their own contacts, and inform themselves and their friends and family about increased infection risks.

CoEpi is Open Source – and openly collaborating.

CoEpi is an open source project that is actively collaborating with others on a shared backend and Bluetooth protocol so these apps can ‘see’ each other as devices, expanding the impact of CoEpi.

COVID-19 is here, in our communities, and people are dying. You, yes everyone, can start taking action today to slow the spread of #coronavirus. This isn’t normally true, but in this crisis you, personally, can save at least one life by putting #CoEpi, Community Epidemiology, into action. You can do it manually by talking to everyone you know about your own symptoms, asking about theirs, and being extra vigilant when you’re symptomatic or exposed, to prevent the transmission of contagious illnesses, break the chains of COVID-19 coronavirus transmission, and ultimately save the life of a parent, grandparent, or vulnerable relative of someone in your community. And in the future, you can use the CoEpi app to anonymously communicate and share symptoms with anyone else with a compatible app that you interact with.

You can help with CoEpi today.

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