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CoEpi: Community Epidemiology in Action.

Together, we can slow the spread of transmissible diseases like COVID-19, colds, and the flu.


Contain, control, and eradicate contagious illnesses by connecting with your community.

CoEpi is a privacy-first system designed for anonymous Bluetooth proximity-based exposure alerting based on voluntary symptom sharing. Communities of close contacts could protect themselves with CoEpi without millions of people installing an app, and we don't have to wait for testing to ramp up. By installing CoEpi and reporting symptoms, you and the people you interact with can create your own early warning system to detect and respond to any infectious disease.

Collaborate. Inform. Protect.

CoEpi was designed to protect individuals by bridging the gap between governmental public health actions and individual physical distancing efforts to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses. We believe it should be possible to combine modern smartphone technology and cloud computing to empower individuals and their personal networks to automatically and anonymously track their own contacts, and inform themselves and their friends and family about increased infection risks. While CoEpi and subequent exposure notification technologies demonstrated the feasibility of doing so, non-technical concerns around privacy and liability have prompted Apple and Google to place extremely stringent controls on exposure notification technology. These controls effectively prevent new exposure notification apps from being published in app stores unless they are the exclusive government-sponsored app for COVID-19 exposure notification within a country or state, and limit what even the government-sponsored apps can be used for. As a result, CoEpi is no longer being actively developed, but is available as an open-source capability demonstration project if the situation changes and such technology once again becomes permitted by the technology companies that control what we are and aren't allowed to do with the devices we purchase from them. We look forward to a day when such privacy-preserving technology is made available to help prevent the spread of ALL types of transmissible illnesses.

CoEpi is Open Source – and openly collaborating.

CoEpi is an open source project that is actively collaborating with others on a shared backend and Bluetooth protocol so these apps can ‘see’ each other as devices, expanding the impact of CoEpi.