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Collaborating with CoEpi

Hi! Thanks for your interest in collaborating with CoEpi. We know many others have the same/similar ideas and have reached out about collaborating or joining forces.

Here’s what we’re working on:

  • Building a system for anonymous Bluetooth proximity-based exposure alerting and voluntary symptom sharing, which doesn’t sacrifice privacy

  • Building an app that works at the individual level; there’s no level of scale required to have individual utility

  • Building an app that works for reducing all transmissible illnesses, in addition to COVID-19 (so also reducing things like flu, colds, norovirus, etc.).

  • Building an app that will be a general health and wellness app: it will not give specific medical advice, nor will it diagnose or treat any disease.

  • Building an app that can be leveraged by public health officials in the future, if they choose.

  • Doing this open source so others can leverage our work, so individuals can investigate code to decide if it’s trustworthy, and even enable individuals to implement their own server should they so choose to.

If your goals align with this, please do reach out if you’d like to get involved!

Here’s where we can best use help right now:

  • Please share if you know of any open-source repositories implementing similar Bluetooth-based peer-to-peer communication between iOS and Android devices. So far it appears that Android is more flexible but also a bit buggy, and iOS is more stable but significantly more restricted, so we are using slightly different methods for each platform.

  • If you know of a developer who wants to work as a volunteer on an open source project, and has mobile app development experience or experience building cloud APIs and backend systems, please do introduce us. There are many ways to address this problem (see our current repositories here); we’re leveraging the tech experience of our early committed volunteers but intend to be flexible and adopt whatever technologies our contributors are best able to use to make rapid progress. If that describes you or someone you know, please reach out to Dana and Scott, and we can get you connected to the group.

  • If you don’t have a tech background, you can use this form to indicate your willingness to be an early CoEpi tester or to share if you have other skills that you think might be relevant in the near-to-medium term future of this project.